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Stakeholder Engagement

  • 6 tips to strengthen your stakeholder engagement strategy

    stakeholder engagement

    Written by Winston Harris, Senior Consultant

    Stakeholder engagement is a strategy that is discussed more than it is seen in action. Its lack of visibility can make it seem like an overwhelming and complex exercise, but in reality, it’s rather straightforward. It just takes commitment, a good ear and dedication to distil what has been heard into a clear and coherent strategy.

  • Are you a not-for-profit who needs to be ‘in the room’?

    pexels pixabay 327540

    Winston Harris, Senior Consultant 

    I know it’s a cliché, but the world is run by those who show up. 

  • Engaging your stakeholders – easy to do, but also easy to mess up


    Malcolm Cole
    Director - Media and Communications

    This blog is not about rugby league. And it’s especially not about a recent jersey controversy featuring the Manly Sea Eagles. Because I’m a bit sick of hearing about it, and you might be as well.

    This is just a general column about the importance of engaging with stakeholders who are going to be involved in a major change in your organisation, or even what might not seem a major change to you but perhaps does to them.

  • Game-changing project bringing faster, more secure internet to SEQ

    Winston Harris, Senior Consultant

    SAS client Digital Infratech has commenced a game-changing data cabling project stretching 120km from Brisbane's CBD to the Sunshine Coast, providing faster internet speeds and more secure information storage right here in Queensland.

  • Manage the risks and reap the rewards of PR-supported stakeholder engagement

    Effective public relations strategies

    Paddy Hintz, Senior Consultant 

    For news tragics, the weeks before the invasion of Ukraine was historic for more than the obvious reasons. It was during this period that US Intelligence sources openly provided news outlets with their expectations regarding Russian troop movements, the expected date of any border crossing and, ultimately, the Kremlin’s intentions.

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