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Natasha Eric, Account Associate 

Recently, there’s been a demand for a certain kind of commodity from our Leadership, a buzzword of sorts that continues to elude even the most powerful - empathy. 

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Nino Lalic, Senior Consultant 

Businesses should build a constant, consistent and genuine relationship with both major parties. Whatever the outcome of the election on 21st May, there will be personnel and policy changes at the political level and to a lesser extent within the bureaucracy. 


Hon. Larry Anthony, Chairman 

With the Federal Election only two weeks away, voting starts this Monday with pre-poll. Combine this with a record number of postal vote application received by the AEC (potentially up to 1.7 million), it could mean that up to 50 percent of eligible voters will have cast their ballot before Election Day.

Peter Costantini OAM, Managing Director

Last month, Inside Word discussed marginal seats we consider to be in play during this election.  Since then, opinion polls indicate the race is tightening. There is no shortage of media and political analysis of policies, the players and seats needed to win, and the polling results - though it is timely to remember that at the last election the major pollsters were between 2.5% and 3.5% off the actual result.

1600x600 city plan

Peter Coaldrake recently handed down his interim report in the review of culture and accountability in the Queensland public sector. The report highlighted some issues concerning the sanitising of advice from the public service, influence by lobbyists and apparent overreach by some staff.

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