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March included two parliamentary sitting weeks for our State pollies, including this week when legislation to permanently establish the Queensland Small Business Commissioner was passed, improving support and advice for Queensland’s 452,000 small businesses.  Other legislation considered included a further extension to the essential public health measures put in place to support Queensland’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic until the 31 October 2022.

Tonight Labor Leader Anthony Albanese will deliver his Budget-in-Reply speech to the House of Representatives, and the work of the 46th Parliament of Australia will - for all intents and purposes – come to a close.

Malcolm ColeDirector - Media and Communications

Enough has been said and written about the Will Smith/Chris Rock incident to keep us busy until next year’s Oscars. We certainly don’t intend to get into the debate about what happened and why.

However, having helped many businesses recover from corporate failures ranging from embarrassing to catastrophic, we were interested in Smith’s mealy-mouthed apology when he took to the lectern, and how public attention dragged him to saying sorry the following day.


Hon. Bernie Ripoll, Director 

The sudden and tragic passing of my dear friend and former colleague Senator Kimberley Kitching reminds us of how precious life is and how short it can be. None of us are spared from loss of family and friends in our own lives. The passing of a friend never gets easier or less painful. 

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Lisa Palu, Associate Director

Imagine living a two-hour car drive away from the nearest town and your child is sick.  But you’re not sure if he is sick enough to warrant the four-hour round trip.  And if you do take him into town, what medical help will you be able to find? 

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