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john hewson cake

Written by Mitch Collier, Media and Communications Consultant

The early months of 2022 will likely see Australians head to the polls for another federal election.

There are many variables that go into determining the result of an election. The popularity of the respective leaders, policy agenda, track record, and the public’s appetite for continuity or change can all influence electoral outcome. 

smoke stack

Written by Hon. Larry Anthony, Chairman

Paul Keating once famously said ‘it was the recession we had to have’. That was back in 1990 when the Hawke-Keating partnership was at its zenith and prudent fiscal budgeting saved the day.

scomo and his plan

Written by Mitch Collier, Media and Communications Consultant

One of Australia’s longest running policy sagas has taken yet another dramatic twist this past month. Climate change policy has bedevilled each federal government since John Howard occupied the Prime Ministership. 


Written by Paddy Hintz, Senior Media and Communications Consultant

A piece of culturally approved graffiti as you come off the Story Bridge approaching Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley reads: The more I think about it the bigger it gets. Clearly, it’s a slogan open to interpretation.

angus taylor

 Written by Lisa Palu, Associate Director

Making sure Australia keeps making stuff has always been important but last Friday, when Prime Minister Scott Morrison handed the task to Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister, Angus Taylor, the Minister must have felt the weight of yet another enormous responsibility. 

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