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Malcolm Cole, Director - Media and Communications 

It’s an accusation that’s often levelled at people who communicate effectively through the media, particularly politicians.

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Paddy Hintz, Senior Consultant - Media and Communications

SAS Group client Skin Cancer College Australasia has taken an innovative approach to tackling the burden of skin cancer disease in this country. 

Written by Hon Larry Anthony AO, SAS Group Chairman

Larry attended COP27 as the Chair of Coalition for Conservation (C4C), an environmental charity that works with conservative legislators. He took with C4C a delegation of Federal MPs to the global climate summit in Egypt.

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Natasha Eric, Account Associate 

In the year 2018 - 2019, a particular airplane manufacturing company had its spotlight turn into a worldwide interrogation lamp when two airplanes suffered fatal crashes. 

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Rachel Harding, Consultant - Media and Communications 

International leaders will meet next week for COP27 in Egypt and of particular interest will be the attendance of Minister for Climate Change Hon Chris Bowen and Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner. It has not been forgotten that last year Morrison kept his hands in his pockets when other countries penned a commitment to phasing out coal production, so this year focus will be on Australia and how we intend to deliver the world’s first carbon positive Olympic Games come 2032 when we currently have more than 100 new fossil fuel projects in development nation-wide.

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