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Malcolm Cole
Director - Media and Communications

To all our clients and friends – it’s the 21st of December, happy Gravy Day! For those who don’t know the cultural reference, have a quick look at Paul Kelly’s iconic How to Make Gravy.  You only need to listen to the first 40 seconds to catch the date reference, but it’s worth a few minutes to take it all in if you’ve not heard it before. In the 25 years since its release in 1996, the song’s famous dateline has crept into Australian pop culture to such an extent that “Gravy Day” is not only recognised here, but overseas as well. 

Winston Harris, Senior Consultant

After little more than two months in the job, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has acted decisively and put his stamp on his front bench, making sweeping changes to the make-up of the NSW Cabinet.

Rachel Harding, Media and Communications Consultant

Partnering with a consultant can help improve the performance of your business and make the necessary changes to reach your business goals.

A landmark achievement in the campaign to criminalise coercive control, and a milestone legislation passes in parliament as we kick off our journey to the 2032 Olympics. 

Written by Peter Costantini OAM, Managing Director

The most common question I have been asked over the past six months when speaking with clients and friends of the SAS Group is “when will then election be held?”.

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