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17th October 2019

Poly, a mature Loggerhead Sea Turtle, found floating and sick a few months ago in the Gladstone Harbour shipping channel was released fit and well back into the Harbour recently thanks to the amazing efforts of the Quoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre.

She was picked up by the crew a Gladstone Ports Corporation pilot boat who took her to the Gladstone Marina where the rescue team transferred her to Quoin Island for treatment. While sea turtle populations generally are under pressure, the Loggerhead has been declared Endangered, making Poly’s quick recovery all the more important.

ConocoPhillips Australia, as the Downstream operator of Australia Pacific LNG has been the primary funder of the Quoin Island Rehabilitation Centre since 2013, helping to ensure that its feed and veterinary costs are covered.  It has rescued and released 121 turtles back into the wild after care since 2012, a 50% success rate.

Fortunately for Poly, a good dose of antibiotics sorted out her parasites and the team was able to fill her up on squid, pilchards and leafy greens.  After eating 2kg a day Poly quickly reached her goal weight and with the barnacles covering her carapace scrubbed off by volunteers, she achieved her ‘pool gym’ goals too.

When the big day came, Poly was quick to scoot down to the water, after a good cheer from the 60+ students and teachers participating in the ConocoPhillips Science Education experience with CQUniversity Gladstone who were on the Island learning all things marine and turtles. 


Fiona McLeod, General Manager Government and External Affairs, ConocoPhillips Australia helping release Poly, the Endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle back into Gladstone Harbour recently


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