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Rachel Harding, Media and Communications Consultant

Partnering with a consultant can help improve the performance of your business and make the necessary changes to reach your business goals.

Like any investment, consultants prove their worth when they’re deployed for the right reasons and in the right ways. Both parties need to understand the client-consultant relationship is not a passive activity, rather, it requires active management, or the investment will yield very little.

For our specialisations to provide a competitive edge to organisations of any size, it’s important for clients to understand how we can best work together to help your organisation thrive. To get more value from your engagement with us, we’ve compiled a list of tips to more value from our partnership:

Tip 1. Build a respectful relationship

Consultants require a different management approach to permanent staff. Putting the time in to onboard your consultant with the necessary information will save a lot of headaches when deadlines approach. Yet, it’s important to not exert too much control to avoid straining the relationship and affecting the consultant’s productivity.

Tip 2. Clarify the work

Everyone involved in the project needs to understand it. You can help with this by clearly defining the direction of the work and its requirements. Internal staff members have the benefit of living and breathing the company and its values, but an outside consultant lacks the intimate knowledge that can only be gained by working within in an organisation. We recommend providing your consultants with the company’s background, current issues, goals, key stakeholders, vision statements and other key information to help them understand the bigger picture.

Tip 3. Provide constructive feedback

Feedback is one of the most important tools you can provide your consultant. It is essential to the success of the partnership and the achievement of your objectives. Client need to account for regular catch ups and be prepared to share information to help us both make better decisions.

Tip 4. Be vigilant

It certainly pays off for clients to keep abreast of the issues we are addressing as your consultant. Understanding our areas of speciality can enhance collaboration and delivery management and provide opportunity for our skills to complement your skills.

Working with consultants will help you articulate and execute the vision for your organisation. We bridge the gap between your company and its desired outcomes in government and media and communications. By providing us with information, onboarding, expectations and enthusiasm, together we can reach success.

The SAS Group is your trusted partner for government, media and corporate engagement.

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