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Conducting a media interview is a challenging and often nerve-wracking experience. This is true even for seasoned professionals. The SAS Group’s training packages can give you the skills and confidence to deliver outstanding media performances and to present your organisation in the best possible light.

Our media training packages are tailored specifically to your needs. We will teach you the techniques used by the most successful politicians and media identities, and give you the chance to test them out in practical interview scenarios developed to reflect the real-world challenges you may confront.

From one-on-one coaching through to large-scale workshops, SAS Group can create a training package to suit you. We can help your organisation and its spokespeople understand:

  • What the media wants from you;
  • How journalists will react to a potential news story;
  • When and how to respond to media requests;
  • How to control an interview situation;
  • How to ensure your key messages don’t get edited out;
  • Techniques for handling tricky situations;
  • How to deliver a confident and convincing performance; and
  • The steps you should take in order to maximise positive media coverage.

The SAS Group is your trusted partner for government, media and corporate engagement.

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