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  • 5 election communication blunders to learn from

    john hewson cake

    Written by Mitch Collier, Media and Communications Consultant

    The early months of 2022 will likely see Australians head to the polls for another federal election.

    There are many variables that go into determining the result of an election. The popularity of the respective leaders, policy agenda, track record, and the public’s appetite for continuity or change can all influence electoral outcome. 

  • Bridging the city-bush divide

    capi 3f00c813661f533e8979a3d96cada366 e8b6f0cc39e7eadcab87d04d32eba8dc

    Rachel Harding, Media and Communication Consultant 

    Many have embraced Labor’s recent election win, yet regional Queensland remains the heartland for the Coalition.

  • Engaging your stakeholders – easy to do, but also easy to mess up


    Malcolm Cole
    Director - Media and Communications

    This blog is not about rugby league. And it’s especially not about a recent jersey controversy featuring the Manly Sea Eagles. Because I’m a bit sick of hearing about it, and you might be as well.

    This is just a general column about the importance of engaging with stakeholders who are going to be involved in a major change in your organisation, or even what might not seem a major change to you but perhaps does to them.

  • The Empathy Gap: What would it take to get your vote?

    iStock 1276442488

    Natasha Eric, Account Associate 

    Recently, there’s been a demand for a certain kind of commodity from our Leadership, a buzzword of sorts that continues to elude even the most powerful - empathy. 

  • Why being “on message” is more important than ever


    Malcolm Cole, Director - Media and Communications 

    It’s an accusation that’s often levelled at people who communicate effectively through the media, particularly politicians.

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