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Scott Morrison handed down the Turnbull Government’s first Budget on Tuesday 3rd May 2016, and his first as Treasurer.

Mr Morrison described the 2016-17 Budget as the Turnbull Government’s ‘economic plan’ which will focus on ensuring Australia continues to successfully transition from the mining investment boom to a stronger, more diversified new economy.  According to the Treasurer, this will be achieved in three key ways:

  • Sticking to the Government’s plan for jobs and growth;
  • Fixing problems in the tax system to enable the government to sustainably cover their responsibility for the next generation; and
  • Ensuring the Government lives within its means, to balance the budget and reduce the burden of long-term debt.

Please see below for links to individual Portfolio Statements.

The Treasurers’ official media release: The 2016 Budget – a National Plan for Jobs and Growth

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