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In the last week we’ve seen both the Integrity Commissioner and the Chair of the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) hand in their resignations. While this may appear as a negative development to some, the government will certainly breathe a sigh of relief.

The government will no longer need to walk the fine and awkward line of whether they support the CCC Chair and therefore his actions. Likewise, the resignation of the Integrity Commissioner puts to bed an ongoing dispute between this office and the Public Service Commission.

COVID-19 related restrictions continue to ease with the announcement that vaccinated international visitors can enter Queensland without the need to quarantine from 22 January. Together with the dismantling of hard borders between states should send a positive sign to tourists and others that Queensland is once again open for business. This is supported by the huge increase in net migration to the state and recent YouGov polling supporting the governments’ handling of COVID-19.

As we turn to a new COVID-19 normal for the remainder of the year, it will be interesting to see how the state government responds to some other challenges including the beforementioned growth in population, demand on housing and land, and increased stress on our health system.

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