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By Larry Anthony, SAS Group Director 

Joyce Nash Turnbull

Barnaby Joyce, Fiona Nash and Malcolm Turnbull. Photograph: Mike Bowers for the Guardian 

The next federal election has to be held within the next eight months. There is increasing talk that there will be an early election, potentially a double dissolution, to be held as early as July 2016.

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Image: NSW Nationals

By Larry Anthony

History will mark Warren Truss as one of The Nationals’ greatest leaders for taking the Party from the despair of the 2007 election loss to a near win in 2010 and triumph in 2013.

By Malcolm Cole
SAS Group Director of Media and Communications

Changing an entrenched public view is without doubt the most difficult task in the communications sphere. This can be even more challenging when there are opposing voices resisting the change of view.

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